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You've heard the phrase, it takes a village? Well,
here we are!

Motherhood should not be navigated on your own. That's why we at Moms Niagara, have created a supportive, safe space for moms to gather, make connections both IRL and online, and build friendships that will last! 

We are so glad you've found us! Welcome to The Village! 

Looking for Our Upcoming Events
Across Niagara?

You've never had a better reason to get dressed than this!

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We understand feeling overwhelmed with the duties of being home, raising children, and  not knowing where to look to help and support. 

You're busy, you're alone, and you didn't know it was going to be this hard to make mom-friends. 

Here is your chance to join the hundreds of Niagara Moms who've been there too. 

We got you! 


"Its so refreshing to meet other moms! No one judges, and no one cares that your boob is out and your baby is crying."


"I feel like Moms Niagara really opened my eyes to what you could actually do with kids in tow, that there was a way you could still do things with your kids and feel a piece of you was getting fed too."


"Seems to good to be true, but that's because the creator worked really hard to partner with some amazing vendors. I've been to their meet ups, its real."


Hi, I’m
Andrea France,

Founder of Moms Niagara Inc. 

I started Moms Niagara out of the need to grow a community that I really connected with. As a mother of four, I craved getting out and socializing, but I didn't always want to go to the indoor playground or early years centre. Not to knock those places, but couldn't moms go to a place that both they and their littles enjoyed?

Learn more about how Moms Niagara and The Village started and what we are doing to help all the moms out there find their people! 


"I believe Moms need Community, and being able to Host Events and Bring Mothers Together across Niagara is such a Fullfilling Role."

- Andrea France, Founder, Moms Niagara Inc.

How Do I Join the Community?

Registering is Easy! All you need to do is decide if you're ready to Go VIP or if you would like to get started with our Basic Membership. Once that is complete, you will get access to details on all of our Community Events! 


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The Village VIP Members Get Exclusive Perks and Discounts with Our Partners. Find out More HERE. 

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