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We are all about helping Moms make connections and feel supported!


If you're tired of playdates at the indoor playground or trying to make small talk with the one other mom at the park, then you're in the right place! 

Moms Niagara & The Village are dedicated to getting moms in front of other moms who are looking to get out, make friends and be surrounded by people who can build them up! 

We know it's hard Mama, we're here to make it easier.


How this started.

After the birth of her twins in 2019, Founder Andrea France found herself feeling a little 'stuck at home' with three under three. While she had been successfully running programs with her pre/postnatal fitness business Mama Bear Wellness and making great connections with local businesses, healthcare practitioners, and experts, she knew that there was a need in the community for a Moms Community, a way to take advantage of what this beautiful Niagara Region has to offer. And she knew that if she didn't plan the events herself, she would likely never get out of the house with three in tow!

mommytea (1).jpg

Andrea France, Founder

  • Mother of Four Under 6.5, Including Twins

  • Recipient of 40 under 40 Award for Community Building

  • Certified Yogi & Barre Enthusiast

  • Winner of Multiple Group Fitness Instructor + Yoga Teacher Of The Year Awards

  • B.A. Kinesiology (Western) + Doctor Of Naturopathy (CCNM)

  • Resides in Niagara Falls, ON

"My goal for Moms Niagara was to host events moms really wanted to come to. My first were held at wineries, breweries and great restaurants across Niagara. Since then, our events have grown and I've met so many really wonderful people. This community means so much to me. I couldn't be the mom that I am without it."
- Andrea France, Founder


Why should you join The Village?

The Village is my latest membership offer that ensures all moms get access to our events all year long. It allows me to give local moms access to exclusive discounts from businesses I have built relationships with over the years. And it's a way to help connect moms within the Niagara Region both virtually and in-person, and protect our community from social media hackers. 


"The group helped me get moving post-baby, and gave me a space to bring my little to interact with others at the same time."
- Kelsey

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